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7 years ago

Re Gene Wilder (born Jerome Silberman) & Willy Wonka (directed by Mel Stuart, born Stuart Solomon) must see “Willy Wonka and the Degenerate Factory”, 2.5 mins:
Pedophile flick, who knew?

7 years ago

Good show Charles, I really get a lot out of your work and often the side note commentary. I am also 50 and do my best to enjoy what I can from this life, but I agree with you that overall this “world” is a shit hole ran by malevolent shit maggots. I also agree with you (from past shows) that this world could be a borderline paradise IF it were ran by anything but psychopaths. Even just run of the mill average human morality (instead of some kind of rare benevolence) would make this place amazing if it had the chance.

7 years ago

I always wondered how bands like Kiss or The Grateful Dead made it, when they had no talent.. Or how crummy actors get parts and huge salaries, when they aren’t that good at all.. You gotta know whose arse to kiss or be in the tribe..

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