Truth Hertz: It’s Only Going to Get Worse & Christianity’s Failures (8-18-20)

Charlie talks about the directions things are heading and continues talking about how the Christians are deluded into thinking they are the special people who will be saved in the end.

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Steven Joseph Fahey
3 years ago

Great Work Dude!

3 years ago

I not only went down the blvd yelling at the 5g installing imbecils this week but I shared the first portion of this show with others. We are doomed. One plan is to laugh at their evil ways. How idiotic it all is. They HATE that! Especially if you can gather in a group presenting a sarcastic exaggerated look at our idiocy playing into their hands. The jigs up for them. But now with covaid. Keep a distance. Be very afraid. Knock it off!

Nick keith
3 years ago

I know jesus walked on water because its in the bible is the same as saying I know man walked on the moon because my dad heard it on the radio. Unless you have floated in heaven opps space and seen the earth as a ball then you are taking the goverments word for it. Thus making it faith based. Time to watch another debunking flat earth video that someone who has done 0 research would fall for. Then watches the weather network that uses a computer generated globe with atari like graphics for clouds that has the balls to say multiple dopplar radars are satellites and people think nothing of it because cgi is their reality. Imagine 50 years after the airplane is invented… Read more »

Nick keith
3 years ago

I have been playing you at work for months. I dont wear the face diaper and they fuck off because I do 3 peoples jobs and been there 11 yrs.

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