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Juden Raus
8 years ago

Giuliani’s last two shows have been, without doubt, some of the most profound broadcasts in the history of the internet. He has put all the Kennedy assassination researchers to shame. The case is closed.

8 years ago

Charlie why are you pushing this nonsense, you are discrediting yourself.

Do you even think what it would really take to shoot someone in the head at point blank, especially for a woman, Jew or not.

Jakie shooting Kennedy is absurd, especially considering that whole thing was a media psi-op.

8 years ago

I like that you bring up provocative topics and have enjoyed many of your shows but the idea that Jackie killed JFK is absurd.

8 years ago

Who gives a rats ass about JFK as whole country is going to the shitter.

8 years ago

did he mention the works of John Onesti?

8 years ago

Chubbs, why are you so vehemently sure that it wasnt Jackie who pulled the trigger? what if she was an MK Ultra victim? Subjects under MK Ultra mind control can be programmed to do anything they would never do in their right mind. even you. Why are you so sure it wasn’t her?

mrs doris dittman
8 years ago

jackie leapt onto the trunk of the car to get away from the gunfire,,but she was told to get back into the car by the secret service agent ,,because then she would have become a target,,that was the most logical decision the agent could have made at the time,,(this action may have saved her life)

8 years ago

@ Dittman That is not what she said to the warren commission. She said these two things “…I don’t recall climbing out on the back of the car.” and “And then I just remember falling on him and saying, ‘Oh, no, no, no,’ I mean, ‘Oh, my God, they have shot my husband.’ And ‘I love you, Jack,’ I remember I was shouting. And just being down in the car with his head in my lap. And it just seemed an eternity.” then she said this “…I used to think if I only had been looking to the right I would have seen the first shot hit him, then I could have pulled him down, and then the second shot would not have hit him.… Read more »

8 years ago

Paula, I like to keep things simple, when I see media fakery, like the Zapruder(Jew) film and the Pic of Oswald(Jew) with the rifle, showing signs of being altered, tells me there is media fakery going on, why do you have to fake or alter a real event, you dont, and think about this, if the Zapruder film showed any real evidence of a conspiracy, you would never have seen it, dont forget Ruby was a (Jew). Who premiered the Zapruder film 10 years later? Geraldo Raverea(Jew). The whole thing was a media psi-op, like Sandy Hook, Boston Bombing etc… I know most, even in the alternative media cling to the idea that Kennedy was for the people, but the opposite is the case. I… Read more »

8 years ago

Chubbs: peace and love, you made a good argument. i was just wondering 🙂

8 years ago

I reckon JFK was debilitated by some kind of early prototype taser (CIA toy) sown into his jacket. That’s why he was pulling his jacket from his chest. Or maybe it was a small capsule of some kind of irritant, acid, napalm, or whatever, that was hidden in his jacket and then detonated. All to basically “put him out of action”. Then Jackie shot him with a concealed gun. The rest is just editing a few frames of the Zapruder film.

I thought John Onesti had already established that Connolly was never shot or injured.

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