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7 years ago

Cholly spent the first 54 minutes off-topic about some perceived acromoniousness with former friends over relijun. IS HE STILL NOT OVER IT? STILL?!?

Off the torrent sites is this for anyone who was actually interested in the billed subject:,76493124/LEWIS(Rev.H.A.)-Christ_in_Cornwall_(3rd_Ed.)_(1948).pdf/

Plenty of longer others to similar effect in the usual places.
The whole JC in Cornwall thing got a significant boost in King Henry VIII’s time when he was splitting from Papal Rome and establishing his own church for a DIY quickie divorce, since it based his claim of historic roots for his new cult.

btw yr former host Graham Hart called in around 1hr 25m iirc.

Here’s another thing of interest connected with that part of the world:

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