Truth Hertz: The Masonic Temple of Liberty (12-6-17)

Charlie goes over some comments on a recent show, takes some callers, wraps up the notes about Washington’s Masonic vision, and the US’s very old planned role in reestablishing the state of Israel for the jewish people.

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6 years ago

The jew bitch Trump almost has his dentures fall out when he declares Jerusalem the capital of IsraHell. What a douchebag.

6 years ago

Up until the Ottomans created “JeruSalem” 1538 by “Sultan Suleimon the Magnificent” (Solomon) it was known as “Salem” apparently. Moslems v’s Pagans ? (Scythopolis). What the Zionists seem to have done is revive the Ottoman classification in the Pseudo Biblical History and perhaps explains their “Brotherhood” with the “Arab League” in flooding our Nations. It was Menasseh Ben Israel, a Portuguese Rabbi (1604 – 1657) who wrote “The Hope of Israel” in 1650 that led to the expansion of Europe West into the America’s and formulated the Tribes of Israel. It’s secondary anti-thesis is of course “Christian Identity” and some such, but it does follow Ancient History, but for the wrong purposes, because as Charles said in mentioning the PBS Doc seen in the early… Read more »

6 years ago

This series of shows on the Founding Frauds is excellent.

6 years ago

We are raised with this rubbish of the Bible that is why we struggle to shake it off. There is also the mind control aspect of being condemned to hell belief from young. Like Charles I also shake my head in astonishment at how long I fell for this zionist fraud called the Bible. The new Testament is the real poison of course. Full of fantastic rubbish like water to wine, dead people coming out of graves, the sky opening like a scroll, God’s son lunacy and he gets on a cloud and flies away when he finishes his insanity on earth. Worship the “Jewish God” who came to earth, the people surrounding him are all from the Sanhedrin the controlling body of Judaism lol.… Read more »

6 years ago

Have a look at the “stars” on George Washington’s shoulder in this painting does it reveal who has honored him with a rank or perhaps who his true master is?
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Reply to  Richard
6 years ago

also finger point masonic symbol

6 years ago

Thanks Charlie for the crapper comparison, now my last save space ruined 🙂

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