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Robert Heimdal
4 years ago

I wonder if Trump spoke to Jeremy Mardi’s family as well. You know, the White 6-year-old autistic boy who was murdered by two non-White policemen in Louisiana in 2015 for no reason whatsoever. Where was the outrage then?

‘President Trump Signs Executive Order On Police Reform’ (Tue, 06/16/2020) zerohedge

Graphic video released of police shooting of autistic boy – CBS News (Sept 29, 2016)

Thanks for the show Charlie.

4 years ago

Hopefully, this means Charlie is becoming racially aware, now.

Reply to  Rodulf
4 years ago

The victim card that jews and blacks have used for blacks for decades now has run out. Never before have I seen such an overwhelming flow of one clip after another showing blacks savage nature on social media than these last couple of weeks. Blacks attacking blacks, blacks attacking police and most prominent now has been clips showing blacks brutally attacking Whites, and White people of all kind, age and gender does not matter to them. I have seen them brutally attacking a 13 to 14 year old White girl, seen them even attack very old White women. Their violent behaviour is now there open for display for everyone to see, no longer can the jew media cover their crimes up.

Reply to  Rodulf
4 years ago

Charlie is older than me and we both grew up on the east coast. No way is he not racially aware – I just don’t know what his personal reasons are for not pointing out a very blatant and systemic “racism” going on against white people??

4 years ago

Bruce is a fan of Adam Green? What is it going to take?

Reply to  Danielle
3 years ago

I’d be interested in an expose on Adam if you have any links? I’ve had my suspicions for a while but would like some confirmation.

4 years ago

The caller @ 39:17, tho! My mother, who’s Asian, would always say things just like that.

3 years ago

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