Truth Hertz: Oriental Ophir & Pyramid Profundities (4-15-19)

Charlie puts forward evidence to suggest that the Ophir of the Bible was actually the Philippines, where Solomon supposedly got the gold for his temple. He also starts his notes about the Giza pyramids.

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4 years ago

Shame about the sound quality in the second half. seems to be a noise gate / compression issue.

4 years ago

Can someone help him with his audio setup? The fading out discontinuously lost about 20-25% as I couldn’t hear it. Crap mic? Crap net connection? Using wifi instead of ethernet? Other…? Thinking back this has been an issue for as long as I can remember. Put up his BTC address and I might even join in a fundraiser for a decent mic if that’s the problem. PS: Enjoyed the computer rant. There are definite signs the timesink / distraction element is being exploited by MS et al. Things have gotten to a pretty low ebb when as now nearly all Linux live cds just work out of the box incl. ethernet without tweaking in ‘viLE’ whereas it seems MS wants you to “preview” its crappy… Read more »

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