Truth Hertz: Perverting Paganism & The Jewish Kabbalah (12-7-16)

Charles talks about how the tribe corrupted ancient civilizations and then gets into some evil and ridiculous aspects to the Kabbalah, including the story of Adam, Lilith, and Eve.

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free your mind
7 years ago

Excellent show, important information on Kabballa. Each chapter helps to free my mind of all matrix religions, although I’ve always known this world is not the only game in the Cosmos. A truth about the physical realm of energy, is that organisms eat other organisms. Even cells create a wall to protect against “other”. A tribe in the Iron Age, made a religion out of annialating or subduing “other”. This tribe sanctified suduing other, as its chief tenant, to assure its own survival. Observe all 3 branches of Abraham on full display on our global stage. It is quite absurd and Charles makes it all so funny sometimes. Laughter is often a good way to handle pain. So thanks for the “commercials”! So funny and… Read more »

comet pizza
7 years ago

Yeah they’ll just claim paganism was based on the bible.

7 years ago

Check enterthest4r5 on the pizzagate connections. SOme really far reaching stuff in Eyes Wide Shut regarding the pizza theme and also the rainbow (in neon above the room)

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