Truth Hertz: Psychopathic Sadists & Jesus Journeys (2-17-17)

Charles talks about the audio/video that appears to be of John Podesta (aka Skippy) torturing a child and explains why has this man not been arrested. Then he gets back into the extensive journeys of Jesus.

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7 years ago

The analysis helps explain the insanity. This somehow gives me great comfort. Is there a price to pay for refusing to wake up? That’s what I ask the religious when they ask me what if the bible is true and I am wrong. I think our consciousness will take us to the next realm. In the physical realm it matters very much what we believe. How to explain the child rapists? The Talmud says it is sanctified. Is that, or is that not true? I think science should isolate the psychopathic gene. In brain scans of genetic psychopaths, the amydala is dysfunctional. ie it doesn’t fire. The almond shaped amydala, that sits on top of the reptile brain or triune brain, is where our conscience… Read more »

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