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7 years ago

Good show Charles. Tomorrow’s not Thanksgiving where I live, but Happy Thanksgiving for you and all Americans 🙂

7 years ago

Great show, very good listening. I’m glad your mic is sorted because your voice tapering off was insanely hard work to listen to for all these years, nevertheless, your extensive knowledge really is mind blowing. Staying on the cutting edge and having such a broad and deep well of information and awareness is such a great asset. Personally, I think the swazzy was originally a White symbol from very ancient times when there was a worldwide White race (I am open to be corrected but I am convinced that Whites were worldwide possibly even giants but this is going way off the topic). WW2 was a chance of a great European revival and a reconnection with our roots. Hosts come and go, but I really… Read more »

7 years ago

So what’s CG’s view on God and the Bible?

7 years ago

Jay Parker, Monarch survivor,, on The Richie Allen Show posted today, is another great source about the pedophiles who rule.

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