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7 years ago

Kyle is so good at finding the PERFECT image (and quickly) to accompany broadcast headers. He really deserves credit for this, as one of the small but significant things he does amidst all of the BIG THINGS he does. And a great show, Charlie. BOYCOTT STARSUCKS!

Reply to  Triumph
6 years ago

Yes! Kyle conceived of a picked the photo for the facepage of my website. We since lost it when we chaged servers but we copied Kyles idea with the new photo. He has a gift for this, yes.

7 years ago

Mike Adams has sat in for Alex Jones on Infowars in the past.
Perhaps he has something to hide…?

William Sweeney
Reply to  Joyster
7 years ago

Hey Rabbi whatcha doin’? That mike adams/alex jones shit is a sham to garner sympathy if I’ve ever seen one.

7 years ago

Boycott Starbucks; I do.

Reply to  Brigid
7 years ago

Boycott all commercial shit. Drink bulletproof coffee with grass fed ghee/butter if you have to have coffee. It is expensive but unlike ANY commercial coffee you will have.

7 years ago

Hope Charles is having a great day, and am so sorry that for the foreseeable future, he will not be doing any more broadcasts. For me this was one of his best shows ever, and I will be asking him for his notes about Shultz’s beyond-nefarious activities, and Starbucks. Starbucks sucks.

Leila Abdelmeguid
7 years ago

Don’t you just love the hypocrisy?! An immoral degenerate piece of trash, who donates enormously to the most violent, supremacist nation on the planet is sponsoring discussions about diversity and programs to help immigrants. You mean the same immigrants who left their homelands because of wars which his beloved Israel is responsible for starting in the first place? Yeah them. So these people will end up working to finance the same entity which turned them into refugees to start. Most of them probably don’t even know, and the ones who do have no other choice than to be unemployed and peniless in a foreign land. Sickening, the cycle of enslavement and subjugation.

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