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Mr. Hilter
5 years ago

I am in complete agreement,great job Charlie,you really hit the ball out of the park on this one. Bravo.

Reply to  Deamon
5 years ago

comment image

Note Franky boy concealing his RIGHT hand aka Masonic “Hidden Hand”. The photo looks staged, it might even have been in a studio somewhere.

Fenton Fairway
5 years ago

Really eye opening. Fantastic show!

Johnny Walker Read
5 years ago
Sarah Perry
5 years ago

Rabbi to Bibi Netanyahu “Do Something to Hasten His (Moshiach) Coming!” –

5 years ago

The wall really is absolutely pointless. The year is 2019, or according to jews, something like 5779? The US Air force taught the Communist Chinese how to fly airplanes at the start of WWII in China. Somalians didn’t take a cruise ship across the Atlantic, then get on a train or a bus out to Minnesota and Vermont, and I highly doubt the many Mexicans in Colorado walked all that way from Mexico either. Somalians didn’t have a written language until the 1970’s, and the ‘script’ was based off of Latin, so is it possible any were able to even read English let alone buy a ticket anywhere? With the magic of flight, you can drop whoever you want wherever you want, at almost any… Read more »

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