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Robert Heimdal
4 years ago

Seriously. What is the problem with that asshole calling surreptitiously to the program? He sounds like an old fart anyway. If he is man enough to have hair in his ass he will be man enough to call, in a civilized way, and DEBATE.

But we are talking about a mentally-controlled / mentally-damaged Christian (C.I. I fathom). Expect no sense coming from such psychos. Avoiding debate; that reminds me a lot of Jews when time comes to substantiate their fairy tales.

Reply to  Robert Heimdal
4 years ago

There is never any debate or negotiation with the absolute supremacist jews (and there never will be) hence as well-documented long records have shown extreme remedies like expulsion has been the only way to deal with this extreme parasite throughout ALL of history. Anyone who thinks they can carry on a normal life with a host of parasites living off their body has already been chronically diseased by said parasites. When whole nations become sick the parasite takes over & millions of hosts fall victim to the parasite & die in horrific ways as history has also clearly shown. Obviously the healthier & cleaner you become the easier it is to both see & deal with the problem.

In Gratitude
4 years ago


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