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8 years ago

According to Frank Weltner of the old jew watch site….Elvis mother was a Jew….also he made his hair black like Katy Perry does today…also on the old site of Weltner he had photo of grave site and it had jewish emblem on it..almost all singers and movie stars have jew blood..

Bobby English
8 years ago


8 years ago

“.almost all singers and movie stars have jew blood..”


8 years ago

Correction: most AMERICAN movie stars and singers have jewish blood in them. I’ve never liked really rock music, i am used to it, because it is shoved into my ears since childhood and i still prefer it to all of the pop and rap crap of today, but i can’t really say that it is MY MUSIC. Geniune european classical and folk music is thousand times more beautiful to hear… Hell, even even some of the old lounge and jazz is better, because they are subjugated to classical rules of harmony and rhytm. Punk, death and black metal are funny, because if you heard one song, you’ve heard it all. At least they are energetic and agressive. Rock is somehow always associated with alcoholism and… Read more »

8 years ago

Elvis was not a jew…………

8 years ago

Elvis was half jewish. His Mother was Jewish. Read Frank Weltners info on this subject…as far as most Movie Stars and Singers…they are mostly jewish. If they are not jew they are fag are super libatard. Their is only a few non jew singers..some country singers mostly and a few rock and metal stars…I agree with David Lane…listen to the 50s can understand the words and the music has melody and is clear…How about Johnny Rebel…To hell with Jig A Boo jew crap music…..

Lawrence Forthright
8 years ago

I read somewhere that Elvis was Polish and a jew, but he kept it a secret due to a deep sense of shame.

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