Truth Hertz: The Wescott-Hort Text (12-11-15)


The truth about the Wescott-Hort text. Today, the NIV has replaced the KJV as the most popularly-selling bible. Not the KJV (or the bible itself, as a whole) is worthy of belief, but there’s a definite, sleazy agenda behind the NIV and all modern translations based around the Wescott-Hort text. Tune in and find out what that agenda is, and who Wescott and Hort actually were.

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8 years ago

I get called an Athiest too Charlie LOL
Not because I don’t believe in a creator.

Christians simply call me an Athiest because I don’t believe in the same God they believe in. I don’t worship “THEIR” God, that makes me an athiest. LOL

Christians are forbidden to think rationally, oh my god, it shows. LMAO

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