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Old Goy
3 years ago

Anti-semitism and racism are the white man’s vaccines.

Reply to  Old Goy
3 years ago

Ignorance and deception are the modern man’s opiate. Vaccines are euthanasia for the enslaved Goy. Antisemitism is the only natural stance to have whilst not being a Jew, as their beliefs are not healthy to respect (you only need to see the definition of Goy.) . Racism? White people? That alone is a racist slur, are white people white? No, they are a pale rainbow! Most people classified as ‘white’ today are not. So really pushing that a minority on the earth is a racist group, is the ultimate sly way to make their racial genocide ok.. So what exactly is this Old Goy trying to say? It’s ok that supremacists want to vax the white man because they are racist and don’t agree with… Read more »

Reply to  Old Goy
3 years ago
With good reason. These are not unfounded, in fact are necessary. Watch this video at mark 31:56 The author makes a historical statement about the buildings. They were Pagan, the judaism came then islam then everyone was “converted” i.e. invaded and replaced. The same pattern happening today. We build the kike subverts the islamists destroy and supplant.

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Robert Heimdal
3 years ago

Let’s see for how long they are going to be “voluntary” :-/
Putin Orders Mass Covid Vaccinations To Begin Next Week In Russia
by ZeroHedge
(Wed, 12/02/2020 – 09:54)

Last edited 3 years ago by Robert Heimdal
Lady Cat
3 years ago

I used to say the world was going down the toilet
Now I say the world is past the S-bend

Past the event horizon
95 percent of people are completely fuggin brain dead

Good thing the world has be changed by a select few a-many a times before
And will again

This time
It will be all of us
Coming down on them like hellfire
No more brother wars and
No quarters gentleman
They made the rules
We’ve tried over and over
No quarters

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