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4 years ago
Foster XL
Reply to  Ursa
4 years ago

Hungary was a prime candidate for this to start with their man based Orban in place. This right here is the start of their pre-planned “solution” being put in place now that everyone has had their allotted time to “react” to the “problem”. They have been getting their people in top positions all over the place & while we tried to warn everyone they just ignored us or thought we were crazy “conspiracy theorists”…

4 years ago

Leave it to Cali Shaun to ruin a good show and try to make it about himself. I’m sure he’s out there “waking up” the Kardashians.

4 years ago

Can people please stop calling in

adrian holliday
4 years ago

Not in the jUKay, they are begging for the NWO trying to red pill them it is driving me nuts out shopping etc

Troll Slayer
4 years ago

Charlie is dead on, this whole thing is a hoax to crash the economy and most simpletons are scared to death buying cases of toilet paper and waiting for instructions from the government

4 years ago

Please i want to connect on Twitter
Listening to Renegade broadcasting for the last 3 years
For south Africa

Reply to  Phillip
4 years ago

Why not just connect on their websites then? There’s a public Chatango chatroom, the Tribune, and the Broadcasting site which both have comment sections like we’re connecting in right now. Those of us who speak the truth are not allowed on Twitter, Tumblr, Facebook, Youtube, Google Social Media Products of all kinds,, Instagram, Vimeo, Dailymotion, etc. So when you want to “connect” (I’m not 100% what you meant by that, I figure you meant talk with them) with people like this, it’s probably best to do it on their own websites, if they have one. They even list their mailing address, where you could send a letter. It comes off somewhat suspicious, because if you’ve been listening to Renegade (or, following their old Twitter… Read more »

4 years ago

Must ssy while im listening here they forgot the Boers
We won the anglo saxon war traitors was our problem…
We might fight with stick and stone but FUCK THEM

4 years ago

article of possible interest: The Naval War College Ran a Pandemic War Game in 2019. The Conclusions Were Eerie EXCERPT: An infectious disease breaks out in a densely populated metropolis and is spreading rapidly, causing respiratory failure and death in its victims. As local containment and response mechanisms break down and cases multiply, it becomes clear that a global response — spanning governments, humanitarian organizations, health agencies and the military — will be required. That scenario is not a condensed narrative of the COVID-19 pandemic that currently has much of the globe on lockdown. Rather, it’s the premise of a war game run last September by the Naval War College (NWC) in Newport, Rhode Island. And its findings — released in summary format Wednesday —… Read more »

4 years ago

Wonder how bush sr is doing in his grave……

4 years ago

It’s a huge Hoax (scamdemic) . Kill Gates is pushing vaccines and the hospitals lie about patients saying they are Covid so they can get $20000 per patient.

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