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5 years ago

big thanks for all your shows.

5 years ago

Hope to see on Renegade in the near future. JewTube is a dying platform. Thank you for all you’ve done for the cause.

5 years ago

Thanks Charlie for your great work!

Ice Berg
5 years ago

All the best Charlie! You were the one to open my eyes to the jp many years ago. Thanks for that and all the hard work you do!

5 years ago

Gonna miss your epistles Charlie. Will look out for your next letter to the masses where ever you are. All the best.

5 years ago

Great shows. Sorry to see you leaving. Do you have any other online presence?

Daniel deblasio
5 years ago

Keep up the good work.

5 years ago

I’m a late tuner-inner. But good luck and hope to see you back on the air!

wolf GT
5 years ago

Best of luck with your future projects. Became a great fan of the shows- downloaded most of the older ones. Amazing scope. When I go to Renegade aout the first thing I o is check if there is a new pisode of Truth Hetrz.

william jones
5 years ago

gutted. the best show on net. eagerly awaiting your next project

5 years ago

Some interesting links regarding information about some of the subjects you had touched upon:

Zahi Hawass Storms out of Debate with Graham Hancock before it Begins:

Scientists PREVENT Excavation of Chamber INSIDE World’s Oldest Pyramid 25,000 Years Old – Indonesia:

DISCOVERY: The Meteor Blast That Destroyed the Biblical Sodom | Ancient Architects:

Enki, the Sumerian Great Flood and the Origins of Noah’s Ark | Ancient Architects:

The Giza Labyrinth & How the Pyramids Saved Humanity | Ancient Architects:

Why Narmer Built the Great Pyramid Water Pump | Ancient Architects:

Studio Gibslee
5 years ago

Thanks Charlie for your information-packed programs and witty insight on current events. Consider ditching Windows and making the switch to GNU/Linux. You can do everything with free software. Windows is indeed a bloated mess now and beside that, it is confirmed spyware that dials home everything you do. Linux Mint is user-friendly and there are versions that are simple like old Windows. Something all of our people ought to consider.

Robert Heimdal
5 years ago

Thanks for sharing your knowledge and your outstanding revelations Charlie. You surely need a video channel, this stuff is way too important. People must wake up to all this (at least those who are still brain-functioning). JewTube is a minefield, something new must break though.
Thanks again for sending me your last book via mail. All the best.

5 years ago

Thanks again, Charles!
Kyle and you flawlessly red~pilled me to the ridiculously insane bable B$! I’m a whole new Man…
Maybe consider mirroring your video content at Renegade Vids. too.

5 years ago

About the Fire-attacks

In the hollywood movie “Lemony Snicket’s A Series of Unfortunate Events”, There was the villain “Count Olaf” who burned the house of the Baudelaire family, in an attempt to enherit their fortune. Only the children survived and were entrusted to him because he was their uncle. The house was burned with an eye-formed window device that was aimed at the Baudelaire house.

Count Olaf was played by Jim Carrey who has suffered serious mental illness.

Ken McBride
5 years ago

Greatest radio talkinghead ever used to listen religiously now I got to kick that Bible down the road

Johnny Walker Read
5 years ago

F*ck I’m gonna miss your honesty and great programs. Please come back.

5 years ago

A real asset to Renegade. Loved the deep history and challenging connections you offered up. Great with callers too, although, sometimes I was thinking “just let him get back to his subject!”. Actually, didn’t like your style to begin with but, I guess it grew on me… Hope you just need a break. Warmest regards from the UK.

Dave from Texas
5 years ago

What is your email, Charles? I would like the notes you talkes about in regards to Egypt, thanks you.

5 years ago

How does one contact Charlie? He says “email me” yet never gives it out, or I missed it.

5 years ago

Shame you’re leaving… best show on this network imo.

Reply to  renegade
5 years ago

funny, cause i don’t read that at all in the comments, just gratitude to Charles and saying ‘it’s the best show on net’ .
lol, it reads like a common case of jealousy.

Reply to  Hammer
5 years ago

You need to take reading lessons bitchboy LOL! And what’s with the commie name? Charles did some good shows but his diehard little flock that followed him round reveal just how dense they really are when they open their mouths or make comments here. That Steph bitch was another perfect example! That saying about “opening one’s mouth & removing all doubt” definitely applies with these fuckheads!

Sean G
5 years ago

I’m aware that Brian Ruhe is controlled opposition, while Charles Giuliani certainly isn’t. Regardless, it is mostly a rehash of what Charles has already discussed in his podcast Truth Hertz both during and prior to hosting his show here on Renegade Broadcasting.

The following is a bit of an introduction to Charles, his backstory, and some of the core subjects he touched upon:

Charles Giuliani – Lies of the Bible and the Tribe’s Control in Ancient History – 1 of 2:

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