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3 years ago

It is not a coincidence that increased jewish domination over the world, over the many centuries, coincides with more and more non-jews turning to christianity and islam over the centuries.

Reply to  Ursa
3 years ago

Those are both abrahamic as well. As in: not good. The christards fleece all our money away to 3rd world bullshit and destroy our racial fidelity by constantly worhshipping 3rd world pets, and the islamic shitters take over our ground with their politically protected mosque military outposts and starve us out with their intense bacterial-like breeding frenzies courtesy of White man’s efforts hijacked by the jew in politics to house these cretins at our expense. Have you ever seen a raghead family have less than 5 children? It must be nice not having to work and be funded by assholes like me to lie in bed fucking 24/7 while you sponge of my own countries benefit system and get more a month than I do,… Read more »

Last edited 3 years ago by Skalgarir
3 years ago

Nobody bashes Yahweh like Charlie bashes Yahweh. (I’m looking forward to reading his new book.)

Nick keith
3 years ago

Wish i knew where he went.

Nick keith
2 years ago

Fuck I miss this guy. Something tells me him and kyle the kike had a falling out.

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