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6 years ago

So all shootings are fake except for the ones hippy Charlie wants to believe are real, right? Hey, Charlie, three of the four Kent State commies shot were KIKES, maybe all four. Oh yeah, the protests back then were genuine, right? Not the result of conspiracy agitation from the Jew Left anti-war movement, right? Of course, commie Charlie tries to backtrack when he remembers the Jew role in world revolution and clams the yids are hijacking a legitimate “proTEST” for their own nefarious purposes…but the innocent little yippies…”So what if they burned it? Absolutely! It deserved it, blah blah blah!” Why is this hippy turd commie 70s left over on an alleged NS website?

Reply to  gkruz
6 years ago

But the students had no intention of starting a riot…how does Groovuy Guliani know that? Can he go back in the past and read minds? And of course agents provoked the riot by throwing rocks at the cops, and that was BAD, unless the students really did throw them (thought you knew they didn’t intend to riot, Charlie? why the doubt now?), and in that case, it was GOOD, because the students were only exercising their First Amendment rights to temper tantrums and destroy things in the name of peace…and they didn’t mean to kill anyone, you know, after all, you can’t kill anyone with a rock, can you? hat a mendacious little mental thug. A hard left infiltrator of an alleged NS site by… Read more »

Foster XL
Reply to  gkruz
6 years ago

Do you even realize that you’re spewing out your garbage bile on a 2 year old show?! Rough day?

Reply to  Foster XL
6 years ago

i agree. gkruz was pretty insulting with his pathetic attempt to discredit a renegade host. He seemed very agitated.
Charlie must have been onto something.
More truth than the kike gkruz can handle

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