Two’s Company, Three’s Allowed (10-8-15)


Tonight I will be discussing bike riders and the marketing scam. Harold Lasseter and how the blacks might be trying to take credit. Reporters and their bullshit. They are to be held accountable. Feminism will also be under attack.

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8 years ago

I heard they want to push for bicyle license plates in CA. USA. In my town there is an autistic dude that has a really elaborate bicycle – I’m talking Pee Wee Herman bike. He wears a helmet as well. It reminds me of retarded kids though that need them to keep from hurting themself.

8 years ago

Yeah it’s compulsory to wear a helmet here in Australia and they have been talking about license plates for bikes here since 2010. Pricks. They just can’t help themselves. They have to have control over you in every way, under the guise of “we know what’s best for you”. They can get f*cked!

8 years ago

These people are control freaks. It would be bad enough at that however they want to eradicate the European peoples in the biggest genocide ever seen on the planet.

8 years ago

Yeah it’s absolutely insane Fred, yet we are seen as the kooks…

8 years ago

Hey there, ima German and i just wanna thank Shiksa for her Parodies. And well, Jewtube kinda blocked me, only Trolls can read my Comments there. It’s kinda weird afs :3 White Genocide, I Hate it !

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