Two’s Company, Three’s Allowed (11-19-15)


Tonight, Shaun will be talking about pubic hair, thanks to a comment made here at Renegade.  Is shaving the bikini line a push to make us atracted to young children?

Also tonight, Shaun will discuss what he calls “The Trumpers”.  Why is that so many people are wanting an Israel d*ck sucker in power?

Sheen’s HIV and his b*tch Jones.

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8 years ago

Would you tell me the name of the song that you play on your show? “I wish I could find you the right words…”

I would appreciate it.

Thank you,


8 years ago

Yep, that’s called “Blow Up The Pokies” by The Whitlams Paige.

Tiny Tim
8 years ago

Hello. I’m not a regular listener but check in once in a while. As I was typing this you got into a sexually explicit discussion, reminding me why I stick to sites that discuss legislative and other tactical approaches to our situation. People need to see one another jumping up and down and yelling, so I am glad you will carry on. But when the youth shitcan the present society, the rubber will as always meet the road in law and administration. The only way to work on those is to do so carefully. So I always start by looking at the laws. I have not voted in the last two elections. There are many reasons I will vote for Trump: Trump has said the… Read more »

8 years ago

Thank You for taking the time to let me know of what you think Tim. I appreciate it.


8 years ago

Shaun brought up a very key word during this show (and others) – TRUST.

The question is do you TRUST Trump? If you do ask yourself why?

The only person I truly trust is myself and then my few immediate family members who I have known intimately all my life. It is impossible to truly trust anyone else.

Also, actions speak louder than words – not just single little appeasing token actions but with major actions putting things in place & getting the ball rolling, doing the hard yards to enact them whatever it takes and then following through to back them up for some time afterwards so nobody undoes them. All you have from Trump at the moment is words.

8 years ago

Yep Agreed, Mary. I find it hard to trust anybody these days. Let alone a politician. And in the end, let none of us forget, that’s what he is.


Tiny Tim
8 years ago

Mary is certainly right. There is no reason to trust strangers to know things, to agree with you, to be concerned for you or others, or to be trustworthy. People become trustworthy towards one another by spending time together, or by having been raised in a common society. There are extended societies, including Christianity, but they can be infiltrated, and new generations can depart from their parents’ loyalties and beliefs. (Come to think of it, much of Christianity believes in extending love to outsiders, so it is not just an extended family.) I never trusted the political system nor the government nor the vote. After some years of study, I do not trust even good men not to surreptitiously introduce into law and society what… Read more »

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