Two’s Company, Three’s Allowed (11-2-15)


On this edition of Two’s Company Three’s Allowed I speak to some of the articles written over there on the Renegade Tribune.

The mainstream media will never truly tell you what is going on all around the world when it comes to Islam, but we here at Renegade Broadcasting and TCTA will!

Have you done your part to compensate the Jews for the Holohoax? If not you should do so straight away, before you get taken to prison for a three-year stretch, for being anti-Semitic!

Would you like to use a nickname in Facebook instead of your real name? Easy! Become a transgender freak!!! Just like religious exemptions when it comes to tax, becoming a transgender and having your penis cut off will allow you a cosy nickname over on Facebook! Act now and we will supply you the free set of steak knives to cut off your very own penis!

Given that this edition of TCTA is only a one-hour edition, I have limited and beeped out swearing so that it will suit a one-hour daytime slot on 107.9 FM. So please don’t e-mail me asking questions as to why I beeped the swearing out on this particular episode.

Whilst I do not beep out the swearing of my two-hour episodes, keep in mind that my two-hour episodes play at midnight, where there are more than likely no small ears listening.

Thank you for your understanding and enjoy the broadcast!

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Lawrence Forthright
8 years ago

The lie known as the holocaust (Holohoax) must be attacked and shown for the fraud it is at every opportunity. This lie allows the jew to literally get away with every crime imaginable against the European people (ex. genocide). As new people continuously ‘awaken’, this fraud cannot be spoken of enough.
Great show.

8 years ago

@ 7 mins, re 16 US states introduced legislation to ban “Sharia Law.”

Sounds like a joo misdirection gambit; plus keeping their scary moozlems wanna eat your babies! Booga booga!! pot boiling.

Coz what Americans need to wake up to, and redact, are the satanic joo supremacist NOAHIDE Laws which have been on the books since 1991 under Bush-1… but neither joowess pam geller, nor any of the joozmedia, have uttered a peep about this! They find it more beneficial to misdirect Americans’ attention towards the make-believe threat of sharia law, booga booga!!

8 years ago

I don’t care if it’s Islam’s Sharia Law or Israel’s Noahide Laws, both are not welcome in White Western Civilisation and need to be gone yesterday. Both are filth!

8 years ago

Do you hate all Muslims? could you give me a few reasons why you talk down to Jews, coloured people and Islam?

8 years ago

@ Alex

It would take wa-a-a-a-a-a-a-ay too long for anyone to explain this to you. If you are genuinely interested in this information then the onus is on you so take some responsibility – read all the Renegade Tribune articles and listen to all the Renegade shows going back as far as you can and you will definitely start to get a pretty good picture. And remember, Renegade is merely one of many, many places putting out this information albeit one of the best at the present time.

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