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I Only Said I Did
7 years ago

Our blackfellas are better than your blackfellas.

Reply to  I Only Said I Did
7 years ago

Ha! You’re probably right.

7 years ago

Call me a little pussy bitch but I don’t want to hear about “crush porn”. I am going to try and skip that part. I hope it doesn’t take up too much of the show.

Reply to  clinton
7 years ago

I don’t blame you Clinton. I kept it as short as possible and the only reason I reported on it, is because one of the listeners wanted it known, due to the fact that mostly minorities indulge in it.

Cheers for listening, mate.

Paul Goodman
7 years ago

ahhhhhh great to get a link to your shows again sean thanks muchlovecpxx aka captain proton

Reply to  Paul Goodman
7 years ago

Cheers, Capitano. Great to have you here, my good friend.

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