Two’s Company, Three’s Allowed (3-21-16)


Shaun fills in for the first hour of Giuliani’s show and talks about the “drama” going on at Renegade. He also comments on a video made by somebody called, “Joe Owen’s”. Joe believes that he himself is not being controlled by the “enemy” because he is politicking….

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8 years ago

Good show, Shaun. Petty in-fighting among pro-White people, how sad. Our enemies laugh at us. Unless those so-called pro-White people in reality are working as undercover agents for our enemies in government, Jewdom, or other anti-pro-White entity.

8 years ago

Especially liked to hear your ideas about colonies. Would like to hear more on that. I think it’s a largely stigmatized approach stateside because of the hippie generation doing their degenerate crap and many carrying on in that way. What a relief if we could get to a point where being white-centric and traditionalist isn’t knee-jerk attacked or poo pooed by those of our own race. It’s time to save our own and separate without apology but we can’t even maintain catalogs for a network, ’cause everyone’s gunning for us. It’s b.s.

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