Two’s Company, Three’s Allowed (4-21-16)

somali_sweden (1)

On this episode of TCTA, Shaun speaks about the ridiculous 60 mins film crew that get hammered in their stupid heads in Sweden. He then speaks to caller Norman about violence ensuing if need be. Kyle Hunt surprises Shaun with a call, discussing what Norman had to say. And much more as usual.

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8 years ago

Awesome show again. That news clip you played, a Swedish disabled man ran over one of the attacking groids into a wall with his electric wheelchair.

8 years ago

Norman calls into Wolf Wall St’s show, Fourth Position Radio, and says the same thing. Norman has said Dylan Roof was on the right track. He’s not just trolling. I think he’s that kind of guy.

Reply to  aaroncalgary
8 years ago

That’s about right for Kike Wall St. Even the most basic investigation proves that was a staged BS lie. All about helping to have the Confederate Flag taken down. Seriously, if you that that alleged shooting was real – you are really, really dumb. Of course Kike Wall St. (who’ s midget in real life – just like Anglin) makes sure that no questioning of fake shooting narratives is allowed. Very Hal Turner-esque. Go look up the David P. Khoury case and learn something about how the FBI fakes shit. Bye.

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