Two’s Company, Three’s Allowed (7-7-16)


On this edition of TCTA, Shaun speaks about some of his activism activities and then proceeds to play an audio clip he recorded with “Jew Banker” face-to-face after they had met in his neck of the woods. Whilst this show is entertaining it is not your regular Two’s Company, Three’s Allowed. It has a more of a “couple of drinking Aussies sitting around shooting the shit” type edge to it. It is one you will either love or hate. Or maybe even love to hate. Or hate to love. Ha!

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7 years ago

Typing this in early part of show, in case their humour floors me. This show is proof of Renegade’s absolute powerful networking, now in person.
On the rocky road to Victory with Aussie SUPERSTARS !! Thanks for activity report as well gents. Refreshing !

7 years ago

This is a proper ROund Table LoL! I had an acquaintance that was in hospital, and the foreign nurse compared the look of the words on the chart to the ones on the medicine bottle to see what he had to give him!

7 years ago

M8 this is an absolute gem of a show! Honoured to be able to be privvy to such things as this. This is REAL value and advancement happening here.

7 years ago

White cops get killed by black supremacists – kikes then pull out the nazi trick.

7 years ago

Sorry to hear the mud-fatigue getting to you. I feel your weariness as I live it everyday in Melbourne. I have to look at my babies’ faces smile at me and realise that their future is reliant on my continuance. There is no other option. Take break, get back to nature, what ever it is that recharges your spirit, because we need you to remind us how to get angry.

7 years ago

Awesome discussion.
This show turned out to be rather deeply intellectual and very enlightening one. The discussions around 1:45:00 and 1:51:00 are very interesting.
Great work Shaun and JB.

7 years ago

Thoroughly enjoyed your show Shaun and Chewy. Shaun I get it! Totally understandable that you feel defeated. Please don’t let it get you down. During the darkest of times is where we find our greatest strength. Would be sorely disappointed if you ever discontinued your show. I don’t comment much but I want you to know how awesome your view on life is. My hope for you is you find a great lady to compliment your style. She’s out there. Take EpicWKJ’s advice…get out there in nature and rejuvenate 🙂

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