Two’s Company, Three’s Allowed (9-1-16)


Tonight on the broadcast, Shaun speaks about Microcephaly.  That’s right Ladies and Gents, if it’s not enough that the jews are stealing your children’s minds through indoctrination in schools, they also like to up the ante, by shrinking your baby’s brains. Shaun also speaks about some of the old crew from the chatrooms of Oracle, starting to visit Renegade, in hopes to leech the networks positive energy. He also touches on tattoos and meeting with people in the US, very soon.

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Anthony Roberts
7 years ago

These monsters are so wicked. How could any human harm children like this? I will gladly hold that gun to their head, after they have had a fair trial. Gates, Sorus, Buffet, Zuckerturd – your time is running out.
I have to laugh at blacker than black footballers who get tatts. It ends up looking like a rash! Probably a list of KFC ingredients – so funny.
PS Had look on YT to see who your Ms Potter is. She is definitely a TCTA slayer! You would make great music together lol.

Reply to  Anthony Roberts
7 years ago

Hhahahahahahaha! List of KFC ingredients. You made my evening Anthony. Cheers mate. I’ll be laughing on and off throughout the night every time I think about it.

Glad you got something from the show.

7 years ago

Hey Shaun…some light entertainment…a battle rapper from UK who doesnt do the wigger thing vs a White bloke from Taz with a neck tat.

7 years ago

Give it a listen Sean its Aussie as f-ck. Funny stuff.

Obviously if my first comment has disappeared this will make no sense whatsoever

Reply to  GTRman
7 years ago

Yeah you have to have a little patience to have your comment approved. Remember, Kyle is the only man running the website and his life is already busy as it is. As for the video, I couldn’t stomach it. The whole environment, (sluts and douches nightclubbin) the wigger cap wearing, the “style” of the BR genre, the shallow talent of a new age waste land. What ever happened to real poetry en masse, such as what we read from Mr. Walsh on the Tribune sometimes? Whatever happened to real music? The poetry became rap and the music became hiphop. Or what I call flip-flop. And with it a culture that exists to get laid. “That’s your age talking Shaun…” Not at all. When I was… Read more »

7 years ago

second try:
Brit non-wigger vs Tasmanian in funny battle rap

7 years ago

Hey Shaun. Would you please put a list of all the music’s you play in your shows?

Reply to  Yrton
7 years ago

No. Whilst we have made it possible that our automation posts bump lists after each show, it is not possible to do so at this point in time for mine. I have a different break structure and bumps that are not named. I will work on that in the future when I have less important things to do on the network. Cheers for your interest.

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