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8 years ago

What Im finding out is well over half the women I meet have been sexually abused as children or were from a highly dysfunctional family with alcoholism and pill abuse (TJs!) . So you are not really building a relationship, its more like “therapy”with someone with mood swings and personality changes because bonds of trust were broken early on.

8 years ago

It saddens me as a man that in the Western world casual sex has become to go-to form of dating. Instead of a man dating one woman, he surrounds himself with multiple via one-night stands and “friends” with benefits. Woman do the same thing and whilst men are calling this out, we need to be truthful about our own sex.

I’ve never had casual sex, nor do I intend to and wish hookup culture was abolished.

Alex Gressilvarg
8 years ago

Don’t forget also, that Feminism is a Jewish/Bolshevik type of ideology. It has the long-term agenda plan to decimate our race & population through the normalization of sexual politics & per-versification. All first and second wave feminists are Jewesses. ALL JEWISH! The main tenets of “Sexual Bolshevism” calls for the legalization & social acceptance of the following aberrations: 1. Feminism 2. Miscegenation (a.k.a. Interracial Mixing) 3. Homosexuality/Bi-Sexuality 4. Transgenderism 5. Paedophilia 6. Zoophilia (a.k.a. Bestiality) 7. Pansexuality (promoting acceptance of all aforementioned tenets). In an ideal world, all such aberrations should be dealt with swiftly, harshly and punished by practice severely. This is why – I as a Millennial child – understand the better reason why homosexuality was and SHOULD BE ONCE AGAIN, ILLEGAL! Great… Read more »

Alex Lozano
8 years ago

Another thing to add, that’s saddening, for any upstanding, decent white man who’s looking for a true love and a proper white wife gets left behind. Any good white man winds up being alone, miserable, lonely, and even inadequate over the idea of a white woman choosing a black (n***er) or a Muslim desert rate for a boyfriend over him. Another tenet of trying to deride and decimate our proud race.

I feel I am one of those men. It makes me sad, despaired, hopeless, but also violent and wanting to waste any white/interracial couple on the street. Sadly…that would be considered murder here. Just another two cents of mine.

Reply to  Alex Lozano
8 years ago

Very well said Alex!

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