Voice of Albion: Daniel Carlsen (2-11-15)


Daniel Carlsen is the leader of the Party of the Danes (Danskernes Parti)

Still in his early 20’s, Daniel has served in the Danish Army and overcome Political Persecution in his homeland of Denmark.

The Party of the Danes challenges Right Wing Popularism, which has failed Denmark, and calls for all non Westerners to be Repatriated (link)

Daniel Carlsen speaks at Vision Europa 2013 (link)

In Greenland, Melting Ice Caps May Actually Be a Good Thing (video)

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9 years ago

I hope Daniel is successful. Unfortunately the Northern European people are some of the most Jew and negro loving people on earth.

9 years ago

the police are always behind gangstalking, so too are the jahovas witness’s. from marti, in Scotland.

9 years ago

The police is obeying orders, mostly, the ones who are pushing the gangstalking are the worldwide masonic B’nai Brith kikejewry. This octopus has several tentacles with different faucets that you would swear not to belong to the same body, from satanic nazis that are all buddies with nazi jews because they all admit what they are to each other, to racist antifas and fabian socialists passing by surfers that never went into the water, they have thousands of lowlife cretins and all kinds of gangbangers on their payrole, but that makes part of the program, it’s designed to confuse the target. The police will always be there, only for you, wayting for the day you crack-up! The apple never falls far from the tree, it’s… Read more »

9 years ago

Waiting, not “wayting”, sorry for the typo! and regarding Hardon’s comment i have to testify that it’s sadly true. I can only atribute that weakness to a sense of altruism that the mud races don’t have, only higher races, and to a greater degree of social and economic development. Some bad things turn out to be good sometimes: the fact that we are the second poorest country in the EEU, and away from the main immigration routes, as kept us free from the mass islamic and somalian invasion also known as immigration! If this pattern keeps on, white Iberia will be cut off from white eastern Europe by a brown central Europe and Scandinavia – a complete aberration, and for us a new siege of… Read more »

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