Voice of Albion: Simon Sheppard (9-3-14)


Paul interviews Simon Sheppard who is a British Nationalist and Publisher of The Heretical Press.

A native of Kingston Upon Hull, Simon was jailed in 2000 for the “crime” of “Publishing or Distributing racially inflammatory material.” Simon and a fellow free speech advocate were convicted of “publishing hate speech against Jews and other groups” in 2008. They were refused Political Asylum in the USA and deported back to Britain.

The Heretical Press Publications list

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9 years ago

I really wish these guys would upload the nazi.org.uk content again. Looking forward to listening to this.

9 years ago

Wow! That was really interesting. Well Done Simon Sheppard. I had heard the name but did not know all this. I also studied maths and was a trendy lefty once upon a time but Simon has achieved and sacrificed far more than I. Well Done for your conviction and bravery!

9 years ago

What’s that annoying clicking in the background, are you playing with your lighter, Paul? 😀

Paul Hickman
9 years ago


The clicking in the background wasn’t my lighter. Although I do smoke.

I’ve only had that from interviewing MR Sheppard and Zog have imprisoned him twice.

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