Voice of Albion: Tommy Johnson (1-10-15)


Tommy is a National Socialist from the North of England. He is the former leader of NS Straight Edge U.K and is events Organiser for National Action. Tommy advocates Animal rights, National Socialism, Anti Capitalism and clean living.

National Action March on Leeds – commit an absolute shoah (link)
National Action at University of Warwick (link)
National Action: Ukrainian Embassy Demo (link)
MP3 Download From the Ashes of an Empire by – Of Wolves and Angels (link)

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9 years ago

This may sound strange coming from a non-native english speaker, but I honestly can’t understand Johnson’s accent. I gave it a hard try, but could barely understand half of what he said.

This is in no way ment to offend him or anyone British people with that accent. I do support NA and their work, and have enjoyed listening to their activists being interviewed on the show. Just wanted to voice my perspective.

Hail NA and VOA!

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