Voice of Albion w/ Paul Hickman 5-21-14

Colin King Ansell led the National Socialist Party of New Zealand for over ten years and stood as a National Socialist candidate on several occasions.

He has been described as “New Zealand’s most notorious Nazi and Holocaust denier

Colin lead the New Zealand National Front from 2008 until recently when he stepped down.

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10 years ago

Hi Paul. Finally got to listen to this show yesterday (I catch up on podcasts via my mp3 player at work usually). Fantastic job mate! Was great to hear from a fellow New Zealander about a side of politics here that the vast majority of the population have no idea about today. All the average mug in this country has ever seen is one or two scant manufactured reports of “skinheads” telling asian immigrants to “fuck off back home” in the news on TV years back! They have absolutely no clue that any form of true “nationalism” exists in their midst and if they were ever confronted with it they would instantly revert to their pre-programmed, burnt-in memes of “racist” & “nazi” probably quicker than… Read more »

Paul Hickman
10 years ago


There is interesting information about pre Maori European settlements. Thanks for the suggestion. It is a fascinating subject.

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