Wardo Rants: Calling out Kosher Connections (5-16-17)

Eddy talks about Trump’s connections to the Russian jewish mafia, recent events such as the WannaCry outbreak, war ramping up worldwide, and takes a call from Alex to talk Fukushima, foreskin fiends, Aryans, and other important topics.

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6 years ago

Enjoyed the show and of course trump is going to Saudi Arabia and Israel including the wall…. Total take over of the slave nation while petty squabbles rule the roost.

Reply to  Cobra
6 years ago

Forgot to add he got a 45 billion Saudi construction “infrastructure” contract in the U.S.. Kushner got a 200 million payoff from the Chinese day one of trump….

They want to destroy any desire for a republic , Constitution or none kabalistic mystery religion

The people will embrace the global welfare controlled life for good goy

The bad ones will get nothing on the ebt life card

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