Wardo Rants: Are We Really Free and Independent? (7-4-17)

Eddy talks about some interesting facts regarding the declaration of independence and the celebration of Independence Day, then questions whether or not we are really actually free in the supposedly free world. Other topics related to current events are also discussed.

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6 years ago

Anthony, you skipped this one!

Foster XL
Reply to  Bill33
6 years ago

Awwww c’mon Bill, we know you really just wanted to scream out “First!”. We understand though – it must be hard to yell out anything in your weakened “breatharian” state – better to just go for the safer low energy approach 😀

Tristan Kent
6 years ago

CON stitution. CON. America is infinitely more Jewish than Israel, because Israel cannot be permanent. Israel is supposed to be hot, sweaty, irritated, like a boil. America is the last place. The Jewish final stretch. Jewish roulette. America was always faux-rebellion. “It’s okay, have this instead shh,” says the Jew, with the soul-replacing Christianitego, American hubris, American pride… American docility for love and peace. America the volcano.

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