Weekly Dossier: Clinton Corruption (9-21-17)

John talks about Hillary Clinton’s many scandals and recent disasters, Bill’s brazen behavior, some of the foreign female affairs of the Third Reich, a reading from Nature’s Eternal Religion, and more.

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6 years ago

thanks everyone for listening. welcome Richard to the weekly lineup!

Anthony Roberts
6 years ago

Another good show John. I remember reading about the Mitford sisters 20 years ago. At that time, i realised something was seriously wrong with our society, but had never got to the source of the problem. I just assumed they were spoilt, elitist, eccentric traitors, with too much money and time on their hands; but they knew we were being duped by the jews. Their story is worth a visit. How nobody saw that old “wobbly head” had been swapped for a lookalike when she came out of that building on 9/11 is beyond me. McCartney, Putin, Hawking lol! Are we all that blind? PS Happy Mabon (Autumn Equinox) to all you wonderful folk here at Renegade. Reclaim your culture & spirituality. Be brave, be… Read more »

Reply to  Anthony Roberts
6 years ago

thanks. look forward to at least 3 more weeks of triggering lol. I have more stuff on Unity, and the documentary on you tube was pretty good https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=1&v=Q26hTT4JRiY

Reply to  JohnSmithRGB
6 years ago

Also checkout Wallis Simpson & King Henry VIII

Reply to  Paul Davey
6 years ago

Correction: King Edward VIII

John SmithRGB
Reply to  Paul Davey
6 years ago

not for long he wasn’t! lol

6 years ago

Old Bill sure a was a dirty old dog according to those tapes. Good show with that dirt, but people have clinton fatigue to the max. I wish they would just do what old people do in the remaining years of their life. Just sit back and relax with all that ill achieved wealth.

As for books, I read a lot and I’ll never pay for a book. I can’t believe that people expect to sell a book for upwards of $25 these days when it will be available a few weeks later for the price of a search.

Reply to  PiedPiper
6 years ago

Only reading pdf’s is really bummer for the eyes. There are so few ink e-readers available that can handle them.

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