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Anthony Roberts
7 years ago

The more things change, the more they stay the same. Every time, place and people have had to put up with this filth. We need to purge the world of this plague on humanity for good.

Very interesting show John, and welcome as a regular host. Just remember to hand over your 50 bucks a month “Renegade host insurance,” or you’ll be taking a one-way trip to the keys!

John SmithRGB
Reply to  Anthony Roberts
7 years ago


7 years ago

Why do you suppose they turned their violence over to proxies?
I am sure they miss their sadistic behavior…. 🙁
Do you suppose it is because of improvements in forensic science?

John SmithRGB
Reply to  Joyster
7 years ago

It seems to me it was down to the violent personalities of some of the players; nowadays there are sickos with the same personalities they just hide better

John SmithRGB
7 years ago

I misspoke on when I first saw the group with majestic ape; it was around 2002 not 2012

7 years ago

Great show John and welcome. Oh how the criminals love the “drug” war! Fascinating area, thanks.

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