Weekly Dossier: Revilo-tion (6-22-17)

John speaks about Revilo P. Oliver and features some of his powerful work. Oliver was a man on a mission, a prolific professor who saw the deliberate decline of America’s White majority and chose to stand up and speak out with clear thinking. His thoughts then are still as relevant today.

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Anthony Roberts
7 years ago

Great show John. Caught the second hour live, my sleeping pattern is all to cock at present. I was also looking at the chat, sorry if that’s a no no, for not participating. Rommel thought Patton was the best. Says it all really. Two wonderfully brave men, who should have fought together against the jew and their proxies. PS I have just found out my jewtube account has been completely terminated. I had 100+ subs and my 89 vids got around av 50 views ( which was brill considering the quality lol ), anyhow, i recently did a vid on the Grenfell tower fire hoax/ff, and that got almost 5000 views & 150 comments in a week. That was flagged yesterday giving me a second… Read more »

John SmithRGB
Reply to  Anthony Roberts
7 years ago

no, no, its fine. I was just noting how there are two sides of the coin; its interesting to me. thanks for listening. sorry about your channel; wish I could say I was surprised.

Shawna Marie
Reply to  Anthony Roberts
7 years ago

Thank you John & Anthony you are both doing great work putting yourselves out there speaking the truth takes courage. (Sounds of machine gun fire )
John I really enjoyed learning more about RPO & Patton thank you.
Anthony sorry you lost all the work you put into your channel. I love your drawings & message.
On the bright side our enemy is behaving like the cowardly criminals they are by shutting you down. They show their asses every time they do this, it just draws attention & adds legitimacy to the messanger.

7 years ago

John, another good show. I used to kind of hammer on you because I didn’t think you were “hard hitting.” You’re ok, though. I’ve pretty much come to the conclusion that you’re the real deal. I couldn’t believe you played “Dis-lui non” by Francoise Hardy. Great song. Are you a francophile?

John SmithRGB
Reply to  Renny
7 years ago

its hard not to love her 🙂
thanks for listening and the kind words

7 years ago

The film “Patton” was a clever tool in diverting attention away from the man’s glowing praise of Germans while also serving to promote that traitor and coward Rommel in the minds of film goers. A good production thanks to George C. Scott, but a better glimpse into Patton’s essence is this scene from “Last Days of Patton:” https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XJaxlHk3xkA
Anyone else ever notice that Rommel is basically the ONLY German commander to receive even a fair shake from the jewish film industry while such great commanders as Kurt Meyer, Fritz Witt, Joachim Peiper, etc are never mentioned.
I recently watched about 40 minutes of “Fury” with that cock-sucking goy slave Brad Pitt. If anything, that film perfectly summarizes the jewish dread of the great Waffen SS.

7 years ago

Oh my…… I do so love hearing the Truth spoken. I only wish the white people I know were this honest.

7 years ago

The late night music stuff is cool.

I’m glad to finally learn a bit about Revilo. He’s been on my list for a while.

7 years ago

Thank you for providing information on Oliver. A figure I’ve been aware of for some time but not had an opportunity to learn more about.

His speech was very good but I could not help but have the sinking feeling that his audience, no matter how wild their applause or loud their cheerin, still failed to grasp the weight of his words. We are now reaping the effects of their failure to act back then. I was also sobered by their inappropriate laughter at many points and I’m sure he was too at the time.

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