White Wellness: The Pain Program (7-18-19)

Tabitha discusses the various ways pain affects our lives and how we can break free from it and become whole. Topics include: herbs for pain, pili nuts, carmelite water, crystal therapy, macrobiotics, the energetic healing of whole foods, the origins of sadism & masochism and the effects of trauma.

Carmelite water:

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5 years ago

Good show Tabitha.

5 years ago

I found that healing to listen to – full of insights. Thank you, Tabitha.
Years ago, I realized the weaponized word ‘hate’ was in all these creepy ads all over the ‘net, which I traced to the usual suspects. Retirees are gonna hate this. Women hate this. Insurance agents will hate this. That’s when I got ad-block. We’re living in an inverted jew-topia. Masochism seems = philo-semitism.

Reply to  Callwen
4 years ago

You’re welcome Callwen. I feel you have hit the nail on the head with saying philosemitism is masochism. It truly is, especially since Loepold Von Sacher Masoch was a hardcore philosemite. The litmus test for me is what usually isn’t natural in Nature is either a danger, a perversion or an inversion.

5 years ago

Thank you, Tabitha. I just want to validate the idea that cells hold memory, and when those are trauma-related we end up with tense tissue and blocked energy. Chronic soreness, stiffness, tension, pain, can frequently indicate stored trauma. To work those muscles involved gently, and then gradually more firmly, while asking the person you are working on to breathe in and out and to focus on mental image pictures can sometime release difficult memories. There may be tears, but the trauma has been brought to the surface and hopefully, with the breathing, there will be release. Sometimes one will feel vertebrae adjust and go into place, both in the person being worked on and the practitioner. To some, this may sound woo-woo, but I swear,… Read more »

Reply to  Elizabeth
4 years ago

Yes Elizabeth, very well said. There is a book on the subject that has been on my to read/listen list:
The Body Keeps the Score: Brain, Mind, and Body in the Healing of Trauma

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