Wildcard: Andrew – About White Supremacy (6-16-17)

Andrew (The VeGAINator) talks about how White people SHOULD be supreme in our own lands, how the chosen tribe practices nepotism along with every other race, the White genocide program at work, the lies of equality, race riots, white flight, biological weapons of mass destruction, Adolf Hitler and the “Nazis”, etc.

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7 years ago

I really enjoyed this show. A very fresh presentation. Inspiring, with a straightforward approach. Hope to hear more from you.

John SmithRGB
7 years ago

he is like an energizer bunny; go cat go!

Shawna Marie
7 years ago

I’m so triggered just thinking about the contrasting reality that we are having to live through. Great show Andrew not only did you lay out the root cause of the problem but how Germany was healed.

7 years ago

Very well done young man !

About Jet Aircraft and Ejector Seats: Did you know that when the first Jet powered combat aircraft were used by the Soviet Union & the USA over Nam that the Pilots got confused ? This was because both sides were using the same design stolen from Germany.

7 years ago

Really good presentation. Enjoyed it very much. Cheers.

Jan from belgium
7 years ago

Racism and sports. Before, at the break and after each european soccer game we get enlightened by following message: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vjRT2HUpBW0. There are a few variations available. This is going on for a few years now.
It’s all over the place. I think the only full white team in the latest european championship (for ‘nations’) was the icelandic team. I got tears in my eyes.

Alfred Schaefer
7 years ago

Good understanding, good work Andrew. It is men like you who we need. Once we have a critical number of our people understanding the reality of what is going on, we will begin to deal with this reality and restore our race and our heritage. Thanks Andrew.

7 years ago

It shouldn’t surprise anyone here that you were even lied to about the Wright brothers being the first to fly a controllable heavier than air craft. Well – it was done 2 years before them by a German guy. Go here: http://www.gustave-whitehead.com

7 years ago

Great show Andrew. I did not catch the reference for the article you read at the last part of the show about the Third Reich. Can you provide that please? I have someone I’d like to share it with.

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