Wildcard: Chris & David – Russia & US Jewish Puppets

chris dorsey & David Dauterive discuss the obvious staged false flags and geo political theater carried out by US,Russian,Israeli,British,Turkish etc inteI agencies forwarding the agenda of organized Jewry.

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7 years ago

Jake Raak is connected to the military, is connected to defense contractors, and is possibly connected to intelligence agencies.

Anthony Roberts
7 years ago

Spot on guys! All other networks, or some of their hosts have some jew/shill agenda. Renegade is the only network to name the jew and their controlled opp; whether that be child raping degenerates,”snake oil” con people, crisis actors or trumpards!

Chris and David: you are doing so much good work by hosting these wildcard shows and calling out this bs. You are both getting the truth out there, confronting ALL our foes!

David Dauterive
Reply to  Anthony Roberts
7 years ago

Thank you Anthony, We always like to hear from everyone on how the shows went. I just hope we can get a lot of participation at AIPAC come late March 2017. I will keep saying it, WE are ALLLL The Militia. The Constitution says the Militia is the body of the people. That means we are in Charge folks, not the Police/Military…

7 years ago

chris stated that the average American is not honorable or smart. I wish he wasn’t right. He, David D and Glen S. are both. As John Keats opens “Endymion”. a thing of beauty is a joy forever. That is what this trio is.

David Dauterive
Reply to  Brigid
7 years ago

Thank you Brigid, I hope you become a regular on the Network. Renegade surely needs a female in the fold so we may show that we are better than the Alt Right. We always welcome callers to the show as well because we are a peoples show. We like to interaction with Renegades and our enemies as well LOL. I hope to hear more content from you too….

Reply to  David Dauterive
7 years ago

Whenever Kyle calls on me, I am prepared to saddle up and do readings, David. Too terribly bad that most Americans are now either working for the government, or dependent on it for handouts. Your militia is a glory to behold.

Reply to  Brigid
7 years ago

and by ‘government’ I am referring to the zionist-occupied government.

7 years ago

These high level profile Jews of the world political stage with monetary wealth into the Trillions, (Kissinger) all get the alchemy of the Jewish high priests in ancient times of getting pure gold injections which can keep them healthy into longevity not to be had by the peasants of the goyim. Read Laurence Gardner’s book: Lost Secrets of the Ancient Ark.
Just like all precious metals have healing properties (think poor man’s colloidal silver), gold is the ultimate for healing and longevity when ingested or probably injected.

Reply to  marissa
7 years ago

I once recommended colloidal gold to a young cancer patient.
Maybe the “G” in the freemasonic symbol stands for “Gold”
Let’s all eat some gold then:

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