Wildcard: Davis Lurmann – Nuke Blackmail, Talmudic Filth & The Jewish Brain (5-1-17)

Davis discusses the proof that Israeli has blackmailed the United States using nuclear threats, gets into some of the disgusting details of the Talmud, and also considers the studies that suggest jews are just so much smarter than us lowly “goyim”.

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7 years ago

Hey Davis,
Great show!
How can you be contacted?
Thank you

7 years ago

More information on the fabricated intelligence of Jews


7 years ago

Jews are very artificially intelligent..that’s why they’re so obsessed with it. As in the highest magnitude of stupidity to exist in the universe. I watch (((CBS))) Sunday morning sometimes just to see what kind of detritus the masses are being exposed. Einstein was being profiled and they mentioned how he faced anti-Semitism in the U.S. initially for his “Jewish physics”. The theory of relativity seems like nonsense. Thanks for the atomic bomb Eisenstein..more Noble prizes for him please. That episode of Sunday morning also had letters from the audience who were upset that Michael Bloomberg said he doesn’t need an interview from God to get into heaven, he’s going straight in. The letter profiled read “even rich White billionaires get an interview from God”. That… Read more »

Reply to  Teresa
7 years ago

Oops..sorry for the grammatical errors..I’m writing on a “dumb” phone in a hurry.

7 years ago

Great show, thanks Davis. Primary sources is what’s desperately needed to keep the resistance alive ! Highly appreciated, hope to hear more from you.

Shawna Marie
Reply to  Toni
7 years ago

I agree a great show Davis!
I think it’s Joe Atwill that keeps saying we need to be an army of researchers.

7 years ago

Great show Davis! You remind me of Charles Guiliani, my favorite host, but with a twist! Charles isn’t my favorite for certain subjects (as we all disagree on small things) but he’s just my favorite voice I guess…anyways, from Aussie, to Cali, to Midwest, to Jew York & to Our Home & Ancestry…Europa..We must become one..minor differences sometimes help to grow..no fight? No growth… Anyways, anyways….! My comment was because I heard “The Rains of Castamere” @ 85:45-86:10 -ish minutes during the break…. DAVIS OR KYLE? WHO CHOSE THAT SONG??? IF YOU KNOW WHAT IT IS & MEANS I’M A SUPER ASOIAF NERD RIGHT WITH YOU!! RENEGADE & ASOIAF COLLIDE! I LOVE IT! (“ASOIAF” is short for ‘A Song of Ice and Fire”…the book series… Read more »

7 years ago

Soncini Babylonian Talmud: http://come-and-hear.com/navigate.html

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