Wildcard: Hugh Wyatt – Killers, Cults & Cartels (1-19-17)

Hugh reads a collection of excerpts from various books and articles pertaining to two of the most infamous serial killers or serial liars, Henry Lee Lucas and Ottis Toole, as well as their connections to what they dubbed the “Hand of Death” cult, which appears to be a Mexican drug-trafficking cartel in operation near the US-Mexico border in the 1980s, as well as that cartel’s dubious connections.

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Anthony Roberts
7 years ago

The sooner we take back control, remove all jews and their sick filth the better. We can then start to heal our families and countries and stop the production of these damaged individuals. They were children once; they didn’t ask to be born to degenerate psychopathic parents.

That’s some grim research Hugh. You have a stronger stomach than myself, but well done for doing a show and highlighting the results of the jewish occupancy.

Reply to  Anthony Roberts
7 years ago

Here Here. It’s really a shame how some “people” treat their kids, isn’t it? I tried to sanitize most of the story as much as I could, as well as stress how most of their claims were highly suspect. Thanks.

7 years ago

Great Wildcard show, Hugh. So many interesting and important details. How crimes like these are glossed over, made mainstream and even given cultish recognition is really bizarre. I remember that movie The Believers’, it definitely stood out, and talking of movies, have you, Kyle or any of the listeners ever see this movie “The Brotherhood of the Bell” made in 1970, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NyqDvQQfeus It reminded me a bit of “Occult Forces”, it is well worth a watch. Recently Kyle was speaking of horror movie genre, have any of you ever seen movies like bloodsucking freaks or any of Herschel Gordon Lewis’ movies, these were made in the early 60’s, these movies are so repulsive and graphic. Are people who make these movies acting out fantasies that… Read more »

Reply to  Andrew
7 years ago

Something I didn’t cover, and the case for many other serial killers, some woman fell in love with Lucas while he was in jail, much like Ramirez, Bundy etc. that baffles me. the celebrity that comes with being a serial killer is equally strange; guess it’s some “As Above, So Below” type dichotomy.
I have not seen that, but it sounds familiar. Well, not only are horror film victims mostly white, but so are the villains. the Believers is one exception, there’s the black witch-doctor, and although he’s presented as a typical WASP businessman, Harris Yulin who plays the head of the children’s charity/member of the cult is jewish IRL.

7 years ago

The money system has to be terminated and banks nationalised, loaning only to Whites interest free. I have no idea how this is going to happen.

Also these drug cartels would never exist if there were no government connexions and bank involvement. One to look at is Joaquin Guzman a guaranteed 100% jewface, all the prime players are infected with kikevirus.

7 years ago

Well read and very good content. I hope you can do more on RB. I have read the book Programmed to Kill too. That is some pretty grevious stuff all the way through. The scenes police found were unreal. It is shocking to think these fucking demons have all this wealth and we prop it all up trying to succeed in their context. Seriously.

7 years ago

Still listening here. Kyle, what is the music played at @ 41-42 minutes in?

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