Wildcard: Never So Defiant And Proud – The Aryan Struggle (11-3-17)

This show was live. ~ Stay in the fight! ~ In the first hour Chris H talks about staying true to yourself and who you are. The power of following your own journey and not compromising to your inner knowing and wisdom. Chris opens up on how he is feeling, and why he threw himself on air for a live wildcard on short notice. In the second hour Chris takes calls from Bill, Heathen Vegan and Rollie Quaid about how people have so few life skills in the world today.

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6 years ago

Yes! So excited to listen. I listened to two of your shows today, and was pleasently surprised to find you on the lineup when I was checking tonight. Glad to see you back.

Chris H
Reply to  Scarlett
6 years ago

Thank you so very much Scarlett! Your call on the roundtable was much appreciated by the way. That was very important, and probably inspired me to make this one aswell tbh. \o

Reply to  Chris H
6 years ago

Well, that means more than you could know and more than I can communicate here. Hearing you speak of the increase in clarity you are experiencing brings me true joy and hope, which is rare. Thank you. Keep strong brother.

6 years ago

Looking forward to listening to this one when I get the time (usually on headphones @ work). Really enjoy your input Chris & especially good to hear you working on improving your eating habits & fitness. We all need to be both mentally & physically strong & these strengths most certainly compliment each other! Keep it up brother!

6 years ago

Under the Sign of the Scorpion. “Freemasonry contains the Seeds of it’s own Destruction” – Juri Lina. Yes, I wonder what those “Seeds” might be ?

The true children of the sun
Reply to  Paul Davey
6 years ago

Research the Kendrick Jonhson case, after that watch the movie Get Out. Hitler did say America has stolen G-d’s precious jewels.

6 years ago

Excellent set, covered some really good ideas. Also what could have been a wheel was Wewelsburg, that was for an Aryan revival hub.

6 years ago

Chris, you inspired me being so real and that takes a lot of strength too. You dropped a lot of insights, like how we have to get through the programming to be real, and also to drop labels, like ideologies and question everything. Even that word alternative is curious – alter / native. The rest of the conversation was fun and real too, especially liked the talk about the debt slave education model. Good points made about how we’re moving toward more dependency, in artificial almost womb like environments, matrix-y pods.
Who sends that end song, I love it – sounds like Sinead (?)

Chris H
Reply to  Callwen
6 years ago

Thank You Callwen. This is the first of my own shows where listening back I have inspired myself. I had alot of feeling in this one, whether or not people can tell. I just opened my mouth and said what I was feeling without thinking getting in the way.

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