Wildcard: Never so Defiant and Proud – Morgellons & Mind Control (12-26-17)

Melanie Vritschan was interviewed by Chris to speak about how Morgellons was affecting her. The history of mind control and morgellons the crime of silence. Audio from 2012 about Morgellons, Nano Technology and Mind Control.

The history of mind control through the ages and how it developed through from ancient civilisations and linking it to morgellons disease and social control. Topics include: morgellons, social control, mk ultra, propaganda, stalin, cia, transhumanism, chemtrails etc

I felt it was important I put out this show again, but in a more condensed form. Perhaps this information can help some people.

The Liffey Folk Band – Derevenskaya
Kolo – The Heart in the Rye
Grai – In the arms of Mara
Carpark North – Renegade

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6 years ago

Thanks Kyle, for rebroadcasting this interview. I too became sick with Morgellons in 2006. There are 1000s of us who’ve been affected. IMO this topic is very relevant to the pro-white cause considering that it’s been discovered that 96% of all Morgellons sufferers are WHITE! This is definitely a race specific bioweapon. Because it is so disabling & disfiguring and the suffering lasts so long, many have chosen to commit suicide. Many others have died from this. MY own next door neighbor contracted this illness at the exact same time I did and ended up dying from complications 8 months later. She was only 38. To add insult to injury, there is a massive cover-up in the medical community. WHen any of us go to… Read more »

Chris H
Reply to  Liam
6 years ago

Yes I came to the conclusion it was to genocide/control white people even back then (well after doing multiple shows the subject), it was pretty obvious to me, but I couldn’t afford to mention it. I did eventually come on Renegade ofcourse. I came to the conclusion that I should just let this old audio do the talking, because I didn’t know how I could give it credit with me just speaking about it. All except one person I came across had blonde/red/brown hair (mostly blonde/red) or blue/green eyes. I don’t know if anyone has done a show on the matter from a racial standpoint, but it is probably over due. I would say it was researching morgellons that really tipped the balance for me… Read more »

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