Wildcard Wilhelm w/ Ben 6-17-14


Wilhelm Reich’s antifa, the Frankfurt School and related topics

I’ll be talking about a freudian psychoanalyst and his connection to the Frankfurt School and the so-called sexual revolution. There are sure to be some related tangents along the way, and I’d like to have as many callers join the conversation as I can get.

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9 years ago

Good show. I wish the host would have been able to get into his topic a bit more though. Maybe do a part 2? The impact of these Frankfurt School type Jews in screwing up our culture cannot be underestimated I don’t think.

9 years ago

Crowley’s motto, “Do What Thou Wilt”, has always been confused with “Do whatever you want”. In truth, this was not what he meant by it. He was a shameless self-promoter and this motto was an attempt to virally spread his Thelemite mantra and pique interest in his Thelemite church, “Thelema” being a word that means “Will”.

9 years ago

As of the time I am posting this,my previous comment is not visible. Ordinarily I wait until the end of the show to comment so that I do not spam post,but I felt I had one additional thing to add here. Ben,you mention that you would be interested in studying the mechanics of black magic’s effects in this show. It just so happens that,like Tom,I spent my youth studying a number of “obscure texts” and I believe I can point you in the right direction. Allow me to offer to you, and any other curious party, a sort of starter course on the subject. The book generally taken as authoritative on this subject,and so well-known that it was even mentioned in a number of H.P.… Read more »

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