The Realist Report: John Kaminski – Taking on Tyranny (1-15-16)

American flag sunset

On this edition of The Realist Report broadcast live on Renegade Broadcasting, we’re joined by my good friend John Kaminski. John and I will be discussing a number of topics, including my recent trip to and reporting on the on-going #OregonStandoff (see my interview with the BLM here), some of John’s recent essays, Obama’s tyrannical and un-Constitutional gun-grabbing agenda and the Jews behind it, Donald Trump, and related matters.

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8 years ago

Coming across John’s essays about 9/11 and the ensuing madness fomented by that event was my “red pill”, so to speak.

I encourage everyone to delve into the Kaminski Archives at his .info site.

Juden Raus
8 years ago

I have come to chew bubble gum and kick ass….and I’m all out of bubble gum. – Rowdy Piper

Playing nice with the devil is for pussies. And there’s a whole lot of pussies out there.

8 years ago

Steve, re JK’s early 911 essays, they were anti-Shlomo-ic, so you should discard them!


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