The Solar Storm: Mike Walsh – Nationalism on the Rise (1-17-16)


Kyle speaks with Mike Walsh about his books, the importance of settings the record straight about World War 2, the rise of nationalism around the world, the decline of the mainstream media, and his vision for the future.

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8 years ago

Long Live White Europeans!

8 years ago

Another great show. Thanks Kyle! “I believe that there can be nothing of value which is not in the last resort based on reason. I refuse to believe that in statesmanship one should regard as right any views which are not anchored in reason.” – Adolf Hitler. Karlsruhe, 13th March 1936. Adolf Hitler has undoubtedly received more publicity than any other world figure, dead or alive. His persona, that of his political colleagues, his political party; the rise and combined Capitalist/Communist destruction fall of the Third Reich, have provided sufficient written material to fell several rain forests. At the latest count 120,000 different titles. Virtually all of it the preposterous re-cycled one-sided propaganda of the victors. This absence of objectivity is equalled only by the… Read more »

8 years ago

Excellent podcast, Michael and Kyle. Thank you Michael for giving us the TRUTH about what National Socialist Germany was REALLY all about. The Aryan Race will live again in the coming AQUARIAN AGE. Long Live the Aryan Heroes of the GLORIOUS THIRD REICH. It is THEY who were the GREATEST GENERATION!!!

8 years ago

Check out …Rev. Dr. Ludwig Adolphus Fritsch was the author of The Crime of Our Age published in Chicago in 1948.Fritsch was pastor of the Honterus Lutheran Church in Youngstown, Ohio. In 1945 he resigned from the ministry and later moved to Chicago.

Dr. Fritsch was married to Baroness Edith Gerlinde Brosig von Schwartzwasse
This is a must read book on the terrible treatment of the Germans post WW2 and the sacking and murder of Patton. You wont’ be bored!

8 years ago

Although Joyce was born in the USA, brought up in Ireland and took German nationality on 26 September 1939, he was charged with treason from 3 September 1939 to 2 July 1940, the date his British passport ran out, and sentenced to death. Joyce was confined in a death cell at London’s Wandsworth Prison. In the cell next door was John Amery, the son of a British lord and the man who had tried to form British expatriates and sympathetic British POW’s into a Freicorp to fight on the German side. Joyce was executed five days after Amery on 3 January 1946. He was adamant and defiant to the end. He showed no emotion when confronted by news and scenes from the concentration camps, blaming… Read more »

8 years ago

There happens to be now , a spiritual war taking place in the higher unseen but felt realms . As above, so below . The apple cart has been upset here in the physical . This is the time of the Apocolypse ., a time of revealing , a time of truth . All will and shall be exposed for those that have the eyes to see and a mind to discern . No rock shall be left unturned . The self entrenched and the self enamoured ( excisting powered structures ) are certainly losing ground and their strangle hold of all constructive society . They are in a state of panic and it certainly is displayed thru their personal degrading attacks upon the human… Read more »

8 years ago

Look at the number of green plus votes in the comments section for this: ‘It’s anti-white racism’: Best actress nominee Charlotte Rampling launches attack on Oscar boycott as top producer dubs protesters ‘spoiled brats’ 2300 plus votes and only 200 down. The tide is turning boys! What more proof do you need? Kyle, I know it’s a long shot, but maybe you can get her on your show through Jeff Rense’s contacts? Rense has all types of Hollywood contacts. Maybe Rense can get her on his show? Maybe Henrik who had Sean Young on? Rense has had Daryl Hannah and some other Hollywood people on in the past and his show was originally financed in the 1990s by Henry “The Fonz” Winkler.… Read more »

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