Arcane Semantics: Group Motivation, Social Conditioning & Engineering (8-20-18)

This airing we discuss the social conditioning and social engineering we are subjected to all around us – from some of the many sources and forms through which manipulation might infiltrate.  Some positive perceptions of ideals in governing are also addressed which often conflict with this group motivation, “will of the masses” mentality.  We discuss some recent relatively positive outcomes and judgements favoring our first, second and fourth amendment rights.  Some behind-the-scenes engineering of many recent up-and-coming politicians is revealed.  A number of recent articles and examples of social engineering are cited.  We see a wide range of agendas and motives at play, ranging in focus from economic & political, demographic & genocidal, or even some perhaps purely totalitarian in motivation.  Some recent technological and astronomical claims and data are likewise considered.  We take a call from Tony and elaborate further on the unquestioned consensus which tends to exist among many in academia.  This often pertains to both physics and astronomy, as well as a number of other scientific fields.

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5 years ago

Interesting information on the commie factory run by soros and co. You’d think that would be big news especially near election time.

Anthony Roberts
5 years ago

(((Democracy))) in action: UNC students teardown “Silent Sam” confederate statue at 7pm on Monday evening. Muh “tar heel” was heard chanted. Will our duped, indoctrinated, totally cucked youth ever come to their senses? Smh, good show and info Richard.

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