Solar Storm: Robert Bitto – Mexican Politics, NAFTA, Mysteries & Conspiracies (8-19-18)

Kyle speaks to Robert Bitto of Mexico Unexplained about some political topics in the first hour, revolving around NAFTA and its renegotiation, the recent election of Obrador, and the future of America. In the second hour the discussion shifts to ancient mysteries, White teacher gods, land of the lost dinosaurs, and Afrocentric conspiracies.

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Anthony Roberts
5 years ago

The stat about the majority of Mexicans being under 15 is very alarming. It’s virtually the same situation with Arabs coming into Europe. They have their way with our young ladies, then bring over a school-age wife from Pakistan. We certainly can’t outbreed them. We need quality over quantity, hence the need for better health and life choices from our folk.

PS Thanks Kyle & Robert. It’s always a very interesting discussion. Kyle, you certainly earned your GMO’d, glyphosate saturated corn tonight. To carry on hosting, trying to email and sort out the tech issues, and at the same time trying to set-up and play a clip. Wow, that’s no mean fajita!

Reply to  Anthony Roberts
5 years ago

Maybe your hero Winston Churchill should not have chopped up India and created the Pakistani nation not to mention the Zionist regime in Palestine

Heathen vegan
Reply to  Given
5 years ago

His hero? NO one here likes Churchill, in fact if you listened, you would know it was the total opposite.

So let us all get this straight, because the people that have enslaved and mistreated the English also enslaved and mistreated others, the common Englishman’s children should be raped?

You really hate the English that much eh? So much, you would justify the rape of children, you’re pathetic, sadistic and anti-white.

Reply to  Heathen vegan
5 years ago

The Boers should have bayonetted Churchill when they captured him – he along with others (Henry Morganthau, Eisenhower, FDR, Truman, Stalin, bomber Harris, and other bomber pilots, etc.) were German haters extraordinaire – mass murdering, tens of millions of innocent German women, children, elderly, and the sick and wounded Germans!!!! I think this person meant, generally speaking! As we know from history, many British men joined ranks with the jews to fight for Jewish interests, just like the Americans did, and continue to do!! Does this justify the raping of our children and other crimes?? Certainly NOT! We must understand that there is much animosity concerning WWl, WWll, and after – and those responsible for the endless crimes that were committed, and are still being… Read more »

Reply to  Given
5 years ago

Given – nobody in their right mind would even consider Churchill to have any high morals or common decency, let alone, a hero!! We here at Renegade, know full well that Churchill was a drunken monster who committed horrific war crimes, and pushed England into a Zionist war against Germany!! Anyone that would think that Churchill was some kind of hero, would have to have their brain examined!

5 years ago

Great show, guys! The statistics on Mexico and this endless illegal immigration is alarming and quite horrifying, to say the least! Also, the fact that in every state but one (in Mexico) allows for children to be legally raped at the age of 12, is quite disgusting, and that their culture has been brought to the US, scares me to no end!! This sick agenda of raping children and sanctioning it, is just so tragic and wreaks of the sick World Order of the Jews, and their sick Talmudic teachings! When will this damn corruption end? Also, this endless stream of illegals will drain our precious natural resources, not including welfare and other social programs that whites don’t even qualify for!! This is all so… Read more »

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